Your needs as an individual or business owner shift depending on your stage of life. We’ll consider the following when developing your financial security:

Early Career

  • Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income. Choosing the right combination of life and disability insurance products can help protect this income.
  • If you have a mortgage or other large loan, term life insurance, disability insurance or critical illness insurance offers cost-effective ways to cover outstanding debt if you die, become disabled or suffer critical illness.
  • If your employer doesn’t offer a group benefits plan, investing in additional health and dental insurance coverage may be one option to provide you with this protection.



  • Once you have children, your needs change – it's a good time to review your financial security plan.
  • Plan for your children’s future through registered education saving plans (RESPs) and a low-cost life insurance policy they can build on later.

Business Owner

  • If you own your own business, insurance can help cover outstanding business loans or mortgages if you die or suffer from critical illness.
  • A health and dental insurance plan may be tax-deductible as a business expense.
  • People are a key resource for your business, and so we offer a variety of group insurance options.



  • If you’re aged 50 or older, chances are you’ve either already retired or are thinking of retiring. Insurance can help supplement your retirement income, and help you leave a tax-free legacy.
  • If your benefits end when you retire, we offer additional health and dental insurance coverage.